Dulcimers Do Digital!

Gathering at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park on the banks of the beautiful Suwannee River in White Springs, Florida for our annual Dulcimer Retreat since 2002!

Recent contact with Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park:
“Our policies have lessened some but not for anything indoor. So, at the current time we are not planning on any events happening until the Festival of Lights in December. We will have to look forward to 2022!”

We will move forward, undaunted!!

We are in the planning stages for 2021.  
Live?  Virtual?  Hybrid?
Please check back often for updates.

Many thanks to all who participated in the 2020 Dulcimers Do Digital at the Stephen Foster Dulcimer Retreat: our instructors, our workshop attendees, our concert goers, our coffeehouse performers, our jammers…
the list goes on and on! 🙂 

Check out the coverage of SFDR ’20 on FaceBook


There were a few technical details to master, cropped-dulcimaskphones-1.jpgbut online dulcimer gatherings smoothed the way for us all to celebrate magical music on crazy boxes of wood and wire!  Many thanks to those trailblazers in the digital dulcimer world!