Laurie Alsobrook

Laurie AlsobrookLaurie Alsobrook

Laurie got her introduction to the mountain dulcimer with a “string-side-up” class…the start of a wonderful lifetime of dulcimer joy!  After a full career in elementary school (42 years as a teacher, not as a student :-), Laurie has turned her attention to sharing the dulcimer at festivals, workshops, and retreats from Vermont to Florida.  What a perfect blending of her two passions – teaching and playing the dulcimer!

Laurie has been a staple at Dulcimer U since 2016, leading a morning skills class and afternoon electives, as well as her quirky evening jam sessions.

In the world of online instruction, Laurie taught at the Dutchland Virtual Dulcimer Gathering in July and has private students via zoom.  Laurie has anchored the beginning level track at Stephen Foster since 2013 and looks forward to sharing this opportunity online at this year’s event.


Welcome to the world of the Mountain Dulcimer!  You have chosen to begin the exciting journey of learning how to play this lovely instrument…or perhaps you are dusting off the dulcimer that you have not played in years.  New or almost new to the dulcimer, these are your classes!

The goal for these three classes is for you to be able to play several simple and familiar dulcimer tunes and to come away with basic mountain dulcimer playing skills that will allow you continue to play, expand on what you have learned, and add to your repertoire for the mountain dulcimer.

  • From Scratch (Beginner)
    A dulcimer on my lap?  Now what?  Learn how to tune your dulcimer, find your way around the frets, demystify dulcimer tab and get ready for lots of fun.
  • Lefty Loosey (Beginner)
    Moving away from the hunt and peck left hand playing, you’ll Increase your left-hand fluidity while learning a few fun tunes.
  • It only takes two! (Beginner and up)
    A recipe for simple harmony? Two-finger chords! We’ll explore tunes that fret two strings at once to add to the beauty of a song.

Way Down Upon the… (Advancing Beginner and Up) 
We’ll look at a few river tunes, packed with skills ready for the advancing beginners to put into their tool boxes.

Slaw  down! (Novice and Up)
Let’s take some of our favorite fiddle tunes and slow them down to appreciate how lovely they can sound.

Sunday Special!

Sunday Morning Gazebo Jam!  When at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park, in White Springs, Florida, we end our retreat with Sunday Specials…kicked off with a Sunday morning jam at the Gazebo on the beautiful Suwannee River.  In keeping with this tradition, I’m offering this early bird special for levels and all instruments.  Come with some sweet Sunday morning music…river songs are always appropriate for this jam on the riverfront, virtually speaking.

This and all other of our scheduled jam sessions are open to all registered participants and free of charge.


Did you enjoy Laurie’s classes?  You can find her at future festivals!
NGFDA Fall Festival, November 19-21 (ONLINE)
QuaranTUNE Virtual Dulcimer Festival 3.0, February 5-7