Jeff Furman

Jeff Furman is a multi-instrumentalist (mountain dulcimer, clawhammer banjo, guitar, autoharp, and string bass) who has been playing old-time music since 1980. Primarily a banjo player for many years, Jeff developed a rhythmic and melodic style of playing which has heavily influenced his dulcimer playing. He has an extensive repertoire of old-time fiddle music which crosses over to a strong interest in Celtic music. Jeff has performed individually, along with his wife, Janet, and with several old-time string bands at numerous fiddle festivals, public and private concerts, public schools, and dances across the United States. He has played on multiple recordings including music from Ireland, Scotland, the Appalachian Mountains, and American folk tunes.

Jeff has won numerous dulcimer competitions in North Carolina and Virginia. Most notably, he was Champion Mountain Dulcimer player at the Fiddler’s Grove Festival in Union Grove, NC numerous times, and he has also won awards on the mountain dulcimer at the prestigious Old Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, Virginia. Jeff’s playing has been described as fluid and expressive, and, in his hands the mountain dulcimer becomes an instrument capable of creating a wide array of moods, emotions, and feelings.

Known as a gentle, entertaining, and effective teacher, Jeff’s versatility has enabled him to teach dulcimer workshops from beginner to advanced levels. Consistently rated as an outstanding teacher and performer, Jeff has been a popular instructor at workshops throughout the United States.


Enhancing Celtic Airs  Novice to Advanced
The mountain dulcimer and Celtic airs make a wonderful combination!  This workshop will teach you how to play several beautiful airs, and we will also explore techniques to enhance the feeling of these simple, yet beautiful and pleasing, melodies  on the dulcimer.  Because these airs are simple they can be played by newer players. But the techniques for expression also offer a nice challenge for the more experienced player. PLEASE BRING A CAPO.

Tunes in A (DAd capo 4)  Intermediate and Advanced
This workshop will improve your familiarity and comfort playing further “up the fretboard” on your dulcimer.  We will be in Dad tuning with capo 4, and learn fngerings, chords, and melody lines in the key of A.  We will learn a beautiful Celtic tine and an early American tune from the early 1900’s.  Improve your comfort with more of your dulcimer (you paid for it…you may as well use it!) and learn a couple of new tunes along the way!  PLEASE BRING A CAPO.

Improve your Flatpicking!  Novice and above
Flatpicking (playing 1 string at a time, not just strumming) is a great way to emphasize melody or harmony notes to provide contrast with strumming.  In this workshop you will be given some exercises for practicing the techniques, explore how and when you might choose to use flatpicking into your playing for variety and mood, and apply these new skills to some tunes!   PLEASE BRING A CAPO.

Slumber My Darling! and other Stephen Foster Greats  Intermediate and above
I thought it appropriate to present some tunes written by one of the most beloved and prolific American songwriter.  This workshop will present several of his most beautiful melodies.  We will emphasize improving techniques (fingering, expression, etc.) to maximize expression in these gems.  PLEASE BRING A CAPO.