David Beede

David Beede, Stephen Foster Dulcimer Retreat Director

David Beede, of Melrose Florida, is a musician/singer/songwriter who built his first dulcimer in 1973 and has been teaching and sharing his music with folks of all ages for over four decades. In concerts, schools, folk festivals, coffee houses and street corners his music has tickled ears from Florida to Maine, from the Paris underground to Dublin Radio.

David has been the artistic director of the Stephen Foster Dulcimer Retreat for over a decade. His music ranges from traditional British Isle folk to original instrumentals and vocals… from the silly to the sublime. David’s music just might make you laugh, cry or ponder.





Three-Finger Picking Introduction  Intermediate and up – comfortable with chording
Thumb anchored – Index Middle Ring – IMR.  Note chord system plus finger picking patterns then tips on application to your own arrangements.  Introductory piece “Parson’s Farewell”

Journey through Pentatonia – a magical five tone wonderland!  All Levels
Lots of songs, tunes are pentatonic and some might surprise you!  Pentatonic secret to improvisation and making stuff up!  Culminating in a miraculous Zoom Jam where no note is out of place!  (Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll play perfectly, just that any note we play will be perfect!)

Ask a builder – Care and Feeding of the Mountain Dulcimer  All Levels
Cases and stands? Traveling with a dulcimer – by car, train or plane?
Strings, selection and changing, when and how!
Finishes – enemies of, and care for.
Cold, Heat and Humidity, Oh My!
Action and adjustable bridges and more.


W.M.S.U. (We Make Stuff UP)  Novice and up!
Improvisational techniques for composition on hammered dulcimer.  Tips and tricks for coaxing creativity, managing the muse and birthing a composition!