Carol Crocker

Carol Crocker

Carol Crocker’s first introduction to mountain dulcimer was at a school Heritage Day program. For over 20 years Carol has enjoyed sharing her love of the dulcimer with children, adults, schools, churches and senior homes. She has been an instructor at Dulcimer U, Winston-Salem Dulcimer festival, the Stephen Foster Dulcimer Retreat, and various other events. This November she will also be an instructor at the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Festival. Carol has co-published two books, “Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Dulcimer”, and “Dulcimer in The Schools”, and has written a solo book “Songs of the Spirit”, African American spirituals arranged for the mountain dulcimer.

Carol holds a BS degree in Music Education from Western Carolina University and a MM degree in Music Education from UNC-Greensboro. Carol Crocker is a retired music teacher from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Beyond the Bum-Diddy: Chord Melody  Beginner
Now that you have explored basic new player skills of strumming and fingering, let’s expand your skills with chord melody style of playing. We will learn some basic chords formations up and down your fretboard. Then we will learn to play melody lines around and out of these chords.

1 And-Uh 2 And-Uh 3: ¾ Time Waltzing with the Dulcimer  Advanced Beginner and up
You will be waltzing on the strings in this workshop. We will practice and apply strumming patterns in ¾ time. The Fiddler Has Played His Last Waltz, and a couple other well-known tunes and waltzes will be included in this workshop.

Americana For the Mountain Dulcimer  Intermediate
This land is your land….What else should we play at the Stephen Foster retreat! In this workshop we will learn to play easy arrangements of several American Folk tunes. With these tunes we will have a chance to use our basic strumming and fretting skills, and apply a few simple chords.

Songs of the Georgia South Sea Islands  Intermediate
In this workshop we will learn African American folk songs from the coastal islands off of Georgia, the Gullah regions. The culture of this area has maintained some of the oldest forms of slave traditions. Even today the people of this region still speak the traditional dialects and sing songs from long ago.

Stephen Foster Tunes at Stephen Foster…Of Course!  Novice and up
Lets’ learn a couple of Stephen Foster Tunes for the Stephen Foster dulcimer festival, including Hard Times of course. We’ll use a few simple chords and our basic strumming and fingering skills to play these tunes.

Fun and Lesser Known Spirituals  Intermediate
Many of us know the spiritual He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. There are many more that are just as fun and beautiful. We will learn to play a few as well as some their background history. We will learn to strum syncopated rhythm patterns, and some three finger chords will be used. Also, we will use the 1 ½ fret if you have one. If not, there are alternate notes for those who don’t have it.

Shape Note Hymns for Mountain Dulcimer  Novice and Up
For advanced beginner and up, come learn Shape Note hymns arranged for the mountain dulcimer. Shape- note music is an American four-part harmony, acapella singing tradition dating from early 1800s. “Shape-notes” refers to the different shapes of the note heads of the music scale. In addition to learning about shaped note singing, we will learn multi-part arrangements of shape note hymn tunes arranged for mountain dulcimers using the 4-shape “Sacred Harp” tradition.